Industries Served


Plastech Manufacturing supplies a variety of parts for the aircraft and aerospace industries. This includes parts to a number of companies that offer repair and refurbish services for both commercial and military applications. We machine everything from instrument identification plates to Teflon and Phenolic insulators for wire runs.

Commercial / Industrial

Plastech Manufacturing offers  a wide variety of services to commercial and industrial markets. We machine  parts for metal machine shops that may not have the desire to clean their machines both before and after machining plastic components. Since we do not use heavy cutting or coolant oils we can machine parts that might otherwise absorb these oils and become unusable for many critical applications.

Food Processing & Handling

Second Operation

Plastech Manufacturing  has expert knowledge and skill in providing second operation, or value-added operations for molded and extruded parts.  Whether it be adding threaded inserts to a pump cover, or modifying current  molded parts for a new design in aircraft seats, we can provide what you need.


We have experience in working with many companies in the entertainment field. We make various parts  from sound absorbing panels for theaters and light deflecting shields for concert venues, to conveyor components for water park rides.


Need A Lift?

Plastech Manufacturing is capable of marine based applications that hold up to harsh environments such as chlorine and salt water.

We Are Your Industry Partners

Plastic machining is a very large umbrella that covers a great many products. Plastech Manufacturing, Inc. has experience in most of those products. From printed circuit material, MIL-I-24768, such as  G-10, G-11, and FR-4, used in electrical insulators, to Phenolics used in spacers, bushings, etc. like Linen, Canvas and Paper and Polyesther Glass, GO-2, and GPO-3. In addition to these thermosetting plastics, Plastech Manufacturing is very familiar with machining thermo plastics such as ABS, Acetal (Delrin), Nylon, Polyethylene, UHMW, Polypropylene, Acrylic (Plexiglas), Polycarbonate (Lexan), Teflon (PTFE) and the more exotic plastics like Ultem, Torlon, Noryl, etc.

We Are Your Industry Partners

Plastech Manufacturing, Inc. can hold tolerances to +/-.002″, depending on the specific material characteristics. The machined parts never come into contact with cutting oils or other contaminates that can affect the performance of the finished part.

We Are Your Industry Partners

Plastech Manufacturing, Inc. is one of only a few companies that has extensive experience in machining high pressure laminates that meet Mil-I-24768 material specifications for the aerospace and aircraft industries. We are familiar with feeds and speeds and tool cutter design to give a high quality finish on some of the most demanding parts.


Plastech Manufacturing has been developing parts and fittings for the aerospace industry since 1992. We have worked as a subcontractor, as well as a direct manufacturer for many top aerospace programs.


Since 1992, Plastech has been one of the leading shops for plastic CNC machined components. Our mission is to provide parts that meet or exceed customer expectations.

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